Dominos Commercial
Garrett Pennery, Sauna Guy

James Villa Commercial
Tom Hall, Dad

Shell Commercial
Tom Hall, Dad

Argos Commercial
Emma Richardson, Couple

 Poker Stars Commercial
Garrett Pennery, Barman

 Freshmatic Commercial
Tom Hall, Paul Caron

ASDA, Commercial
Adam Redmayne, Dad

GoDaddy, Commercial
Barry Callan, Dave

 Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt Commercial
Tom Hall, Father

 Skoda Commercial
Reuben Greeph, Upright Bass Player

Saxo Bank, Commercial
Farhan Baqi

 Jumbo Stores Commercial
Daniela Tocari, Female Fetale

Taco Bell Commercial
Tom Nguyen, Todd

Three Mobile Commercial
James Hyland, Captain

D: Max (Germany)
Tom Hall, Campfire Man

Vodafone, Red Entertainment Commercial
Sophie Juge, Conductor 

Renault Commercial
Nathan Medina, Football Fan

Easy Jet Commercial
Tom Nguyen, Tourist

Corona Beer, World Cup 2018 
Alexander Devrient, Suerte/Luck

McDonald's, Roald Dahl Gobblefunk
Josephine Timmins, Teacher

Virgin Atlantic Commercial
Jo Ball, Mum

Pringles Commercial
Tom Medcalf, Hero

Fairy Commercial
Tom Hall, Dad

Sainsburys Commercial 
Lincoln James, Dad

Budweiser Commercial
Tanya Dee, Jules

Tesco Christmas Commercial 
Lincoln James, Dad

Rosland Capital Commercial
Richard Campbell, Mr. Gold

PlayStation Commercial, Surprise
Steve Dorsett, Singer

OddsChecker Commercial,
Alexander Devrient, Sofa Guy

Sainsbury's Christmas Commercial,
Veejay Kaur, Mother

Invizimals Sony PSP, Pit Stop Productions
Alan Mitchell, Jenson

Cadbury Commercial, Win Your Joy in Chocolate
Fiona Evans, Pony Woman

Citroën Commercial,
Alan Mitchell, Prision Guard

John Lewis Commercial, 150 Years
Don Cotter, Shop Keeper
John Lewis Commercial, 150 Years
Paula Kay, Waterslide Mum

Freeview Commercial, The Story is in the Detail
Steve Dorsett, Footie Guy 2

Halifax Commercial, Photographer
Richard Ward, Comb-Over Gent

Co-op Commercial, Valentines
Simon Victor, Husband

Mercedes-Benz Commercial, 
Rasmus Mortensen, Cyclist

Coca-Cola Commercial, Share a Coke
Rasmus Mortensen, Young Danish Man

Dulux Commercial,
Simon Victor, Couple 4

Leerdammer Commercial, The Shop
Alan Mitchell, The Boss

Iceland Christmas Commercial,
Simon Victor, Ben's Best Mate

Carphone Warehouse, A Frugal Christmas
Rebecca Yeo, Photocopier Lady

Boots Ident,
Rebecca Yeo, Friend in the Kitchen

Red Cross Commercial,
Don Cotter, Volunteer Worker

'Bedtime' Disney Promo, Walt Disney Corporation
Edward Degaetano, Dad

Halifax, Adam & Eve DDB
David Grace, Lightbulb Man

Mini Country Man, It's Just Snow
Richard Campbell, Old Colonel

The Electoral Commission Commercial,
Michael Gabe, Older Man

HSBC Commercial, JWT
Richard Campbell, Navy Whistleblower

Tesco Online Commercial, Vertical Productions
Grace Bird, Woman in Audi TT

118 Commercial, Thomas Thomas
David Grace, 118 Man

Drambuie, HSI
David Grace, Man with Stone

Pet Rescue Commercial
Aaron Virdee